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    49 Tradecorp products authorised by Ecocert for Organic Agriculture in 2020

    The list includes many of Tradecorp’s main products. Some of them, such as Phylgreen and Delfan Plus V, maintain their approved status, while new products, such as IsliFe 8.2, join the list for the first time.

    In addition to complying with the European Union’s Organic Agriculture standards, some of Tradecorp’s products have also been carefully formulated to comply with other Organic Agriculture regulations.  As of today, Tradecorp has:

    • 49 products approved for Organic Agriculture under EC regulations (European Union)
    • 5 products approved for Organic Agriculture under JAS standards (Japan)
    • 5 products approved for Organic Agriculture under the NOP regulation (United States)


    Organic Agriculture product range

    The product portfolio for organic production approved by Ecocert includes many different types of solutions, for example:

    • Chelates, such as Tradecorp AZ, Tradecorp Mn and Ultraferro (EC and JAS)
    • Amino-acid-based biostimulants such as Delfan Plus V (EC and NOP)
    • Biostimulants based on fresh seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), such as Phylgreen, Phylgreen B-Mo and Phylgreen Atlas (EC)
    • Foliar fertilisers, such as Tradebor (EC, NOP and JAS), Tradebor Mo (EC and NOP) and Final Eko (EC).

    In addition, Tradecorp also holds authorisations for Organic Agriculture issued by other organisations, such as the OMRI (NOP) and FIBL certifications:

    • OMRI certification for Humistar, Humistar WG and Phylgreen
    • FIBL certification for Ultraferro (Netherlands), Phylgreen (Switzerland), Vegenergy (Germany), Phylgreen Atlas (Germany) and Phylgreen B-Mo (Germany)


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