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    » Articles posted by Luis Ibarguren

    India Country Manager, Mr. D.M. Badola, retires from Tradecorp.

    Following a long career in agriculture industry and leadership role, Mr. D. M. Badola, Country Manager – India has retired effective from 30th September 2021 and Mr. Rajesh Kaushik has been appointed to the position of Country Manager, effective 1st October 2021.

    Quikon: New generation Biostimulants and their application in Table Grapes – Live at MRDBS 2021

    Is often said that big things come in small packages. This may very well be said about Tradecorp´s new generation Biostimulant that was born in the Brazil Agroindustry and that is changing the way crop Biostimulants are viewed worldwide.

    Tradecorp opens its first office in India

    2021 will be a new year by all means. The constant success of Tradecorp in India over the past years has notoriously shown how the country’s tremendous potential and the need for the quality nutrition that we offer.


    Rovensa, one of the global leaders in sustainable solutions for agriculture, has completed the acquisition of Oro Agri, a leading provider of environmentally friendly biocontrol solutions, with products sold in more than 80 countries.

    India, the biggest organic farmers community

    The effects of climate change have shaped the new market for agriculture of the Jewel in the crown

    Rovensa acquires Oro Agri, a leading provider of environmentally friendly biocontrol solutions

    Rovensa has agreed to acquire Oro Agri, a leading provider of environmentally friendly biocontrol solutions with international reach, from the Omnia Group.

    49 Tradecorp products authorised by Ecocert for Organic Agriculture in 2020

    The list includes many of Tradecorp’s main products. Some of them, such as Phylgreen and Delfan Plus V, maintain their approved status, while new products, such as IsliFe 8.2, join the list for the first time.

    Tradecorp study tours. Indian growers visit Peru, grapes for the whole world.

    Normally when you think about Peru, you may think about Machu Pichu, beautiful landscapes with amazing food, however in Tradecorp we can only see one thing: The grape fields.

    Dhanashree, Tradecorp’s distributor in India, visits Spanish factories

    Tradecorp received 17 Indian clients from the company Dhanashree.

    Sapec Agro Business becomes Rovensa