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    India Country Manager, Mr. D.M. Badola, retires from Tradecorp.

    Following a long career in agriculture industry and leadership role, Mr. D. M. Badola, Country Manager – India has retired effective from 30th September 2021 and Mr. Rajesh Kaushik has been appointed to the position of Country Manager, effective 1st October 2021.



    Mr. D. M. Badola. A success story

    Mr. D. M. Badola, served in his current role in Tradecorp India since 2015, and prior to that served for more than 35 years in various strategic leadership roles in agriculture industry.

    Mr. D. M. Badola is one of the essential foundations of Tradecorp India since our inception. He has been exceptional business leader who has transformed Tradecorp India, making it one of the best performing companies in crop nutrition sector in India.

    He has played a critical leadership role in helping the company to establish, grow, expanding footprint across nation and reach at a glorious height of what we are today. He has served as a master for establishing and developing new partnerships during these years.’’ Says Mr. Juan – Regional Director for APAC in Tradecorp.

    We are thankful to Mr. Badola for his memorable services to Tradecorp and wish him and his family all the best following his retirement.




    About Tradecorp India

    Tradecorp are experts in crop nutrition, particularly micronutrients and plant Biostimulants. Established in Spain in 1985, Tradecorp manufactures and distributes specialty fertilizer and crop nutrition products for agriculture.

    Tradecorp has been working in India for more than 15 years working hand in hand with Indian farmers and offering solutions and technical support to increase yields, quality and food safety.


    Mr. Rajesh Kaushik New Country Manager, India

    Mr. Rajesh Kaushik is a postgraduate in Agriculture with MBA and brings over 20 years of Agri Input experience with leading global companies.  He is a strong, dynamic and values-driven leader with an impressive track record of delivering consistent high-quality performance and has a deep understanding of markets with experience of Crop Protection, Public Private Partnerships, Business Alliances, Seeds, and the bio-nutrition industry. Having worked with Tradecorp India for last three and half years in a senior management role, he has brought lot of value to business and now being promoted to the position of Country Manager for India. The company warmly welcomes Mr. Rajesh Kaushik to this new role and wishes him every success.

    Words from Mr. Rajesh Kaushik

    I am very excited about joining this new position and certainly looking forward to developing the company further with a clear ambition of growth from existing partners and products coupled with new business associations and technological interventions. Regarding the position of Tradecorp in India and the recent opening of the company’s new entity “Tradecorp Rovensa India Pvt Ltd.”, in India, Mr. Rajesh has highlighted that “India” is one of the strategically important and incredibly growing markets for Tradecorp in APAC region. The credit for this goes to our innovative range of products, our Teams at ground and to our business partners as well who have done, remarkably fabulous job in establishing and making these products available to our growers, added Mr. Rajesh. Mr. Rajesh has elaborated that “Committed to a sustainable and well-balanced agriculture, Tradecorp aims to strive in its ambition to grow through the development of high quality innovative solutions to help farmers produce quality food, safe for the human health and the environment. Tradecorp has an enormous potential to grow not only in India but across the countries in globe.

    We sincerely thank our teams and business partners for their efforts, dedication and commitment. We have no doubt we will succeed in achieving our ambitions.

    For more information about our products, activities, technology and facilities, please visit, follow us on our FB Page “Tradecorp India”