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    amifol K

    amifol K

    amifol K

    Amifol K is an high concentration of liquid Potassium (K2O 465 g /L) product. Plants need more Potassium than any other nutrient with the exception of Nitrogen. Potassium helps plants regulate water use, resist disease and maximise crop quality It increases the ability of plants to use all other nutrients correctly Amifol K is ideal as a foliar spray and also suitable for fertigation No leaf burn or scorch due to extremely low salt índex

    100% Soluble 100% Plant Safe 100% Reliable

    • Main benefits:
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    Effect of Aminol K on Plants/Fruits

    • Enhances leaf size, colour and quality of leafy vegetable crops
    • Improves vigour and resistance to disease and insect attack
    • Maximises the stress tolerance of plants, especially to water stress
    • Enhances starch and sugar accumulation making fruit sweeter
    • Reduces defects and blemishes on skin while also improving texture and colour
    • Increases yield with larger and better quality fruits with less waste when harvesting


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