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    Calitech is an high concentration of Calcium (233 g /L CaO) product to maximise value Added Boron helps the plant absorb and use Calcium more efficiently Magnesium increases chlorophyll which helps maximise fruit fill Added Copper EDTA, Iron EDTA, Manganese EDTA and Zinc EDTA - the premier form of chelates

    Calitech prevents common Calcium deficiency disorders such as:

    • Cracking and disfigurement of skin
    • Tip Burn in leafy vegetables and flowers
    • Blossom End Rot (especially in cucumber, chili, melon, squash, tomato)
    Best applied as a foliar spray to vegetation and fruit and also suitable for

    100% Soluble 100% Plant available 100% Value

    • Main benefits:
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    • Crops & Trials

    Effects of Calitech on Plants/Fruits

    • Calcium increases pollination success through stronger pollen tubes resulting in more fruit set
    • Calcium decreases fruit drop and abortions resulting in a more consistent size of harvest
    • Calcium and Boron increase fruit firmness and skin also has a healthier appearance
    • Boron reduces skin cracking and splitting by increasing flexibility of plant cells
    • Firmer fruit and better skin increases harvest and handling resilience = more saleable produce
    • Magnesium and micro nutrients result in a greener and healthier plant
    • Green plants capture more of the suns energy increasing yield and taste




    Apple Trials, Himachal Pradesh

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