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fermis K

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fermis K

fermis K

Fermis K is specifically indicated for the prevention and correction of “Iron Chlorosis” in all soil types

Fermis K is formulated using the Iron EDDHA chelate which is effective in soils with pH 3-11

The Iron EDDHA chelate was specifically developed for use in soil and has a long lasting effect

Fermis K is suitable for field, coconut coir, soilless media and fully hydroponic crops

It is 100% soluble and rapidly dissolves in water due to its micro granule formulation It K is recommend for drip irrigation and can also be applied to soil by spray equipment

100% Soluble

100% Quality 100% Plant available

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  • Fermis K is suitable for use in acid or alkaline / calcareous soils
  • The Iron EDDHA in Fermis K is superior to other forms of Iron fertilizer used in soil
  • Soil application of Fermis K reduces the need for frequent foliar sprays of Iron EDTA
  • Fermis K contains Iron in the o-o and the o-p position to provide instant and long term supply of iron
  • Fermis K also contains Potassium and Nitrogen with both promote synergistic Iron uptake in plants






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