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humistar WG

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humistar WG

humistar WG

Humistar is a concentrated natural Humic conditioner, obtained from American Leonardite, presented in the form of soluble micro-granules, which improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil. In addition, Humistar WG increases the availability and assimilation of nutrientes by the crop.


100% Soluble 100% Plant available 100% Reactivity with soil

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Effects of Humistar on Plants

  • Increased white roots improves nutrient uptake and plant vigour
  • Better nutrient uptake means plant has thicker stem and improves flowering
  • Strong healthy plant naturally increases resistance to disease
  • Vigorous plant improves crop yield and quality

Effects of Humistar on Soil

  • Better uptake of Phosphorus, micro elements (e.g Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn) and other nutrients
  • Increases the cation Exchange capacity (CEC) of soil, results in less waste of applied nutrients
  • Improves soil structure wich enables better aeration of soil and increases soil water holding capacity

OMRI listed according to NOP



Humus, Soil Fertility, Humic Acid Research in Europe Part 1


Humus, Soil Fertility, Humic Acid Research in Europe Part 2

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