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Humistar is a concentrated natural Humic and Fulvic Acid mixture that increases fine white roots.

It is extracted from American Leonardite by a special process and is internationally recognised as :

- High quality & purity, no contaminants, no heavy metals, no sodium - High concentration of Humic acids compared to Fulvic acids (4:1)

Humistar is readily available for use by plants now

It enhances fine white root development and improves growth of young plants and fruit trees It increases Phosphorus, Potassium and micro nutritient uptake from soil Apply by fertigation at any crop stage or by foliar application at germination

100% Soluble

100% Plant available 100% Reactivity with soil 

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Effects of Humistar on Plants

  • Increased white roots improves nutrient uptake and plant vigour
  • Better nutrient uptake means plant has thicker stem and improves flowering
  • Strong healthy plant naturally increases resistance to disease
  • Vigorous plant naturally increases resistance to disease

Effects of Humistar on Soil

  • Better uptake of Phosphorus, micro elements (e.g Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn) and other nutrients
  • Increases the cation Exchange capacity (CEC) of soil, results in less waste of applied nutrients
  • Improves soil structure wich enables better aeration of soil and increases soil water holding capacity

OMRI listed according to NOP




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