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    maxflow Mg

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    maxflow Mg

    maxflow Mg

    Maxflow Mg is a concentrated suspension flow specifically developed to be suitable for foliar and drip irrigation.

    Maxflow Mg has a highly concentrated magnesium suspension (51.4% w/v) indicated for efficient and fast prevention and correction of states of deficiency due to imbalances or deficiencies in magnesium assimilation.

    Maxflow Mg incorporates spreaders and adherents to maximize efficiency by increasing surface contact area when applied by foliar application.

    When applied by drip, Maxflow Mg is available to the root where it can be absorbed and translocated around the plant.

    Maxflow Mg is free from chlorides and nitrates which minimizes the risk of scorch and helps to promote quality fruit.

    100% Plant Safe 100% Quality 100% Efficacity

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    Effect of Maxflow Mg on crops:

    • Mg is the central of chlorophyll molecules. Mg is essential for normal photosynthetic activity and maximum yield
    • Enhances phosphorus uptake and translocation
    • Increases the sugar content of the crops
    • Activates enzymes related to energy metabolism
    • Improves the lipids and carbohydrate formation


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    Apple Trials, Himachal Pradesh

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