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    nutricomplex gold 1-9-46

    » Product Ranges » NPK & Starters » nutricomplex gold 1-9-46
    nutricomplex gold 1-9-46

    nutricomplex gold 1-9-46

    Nutricomplex Gold is a 100% water soluble NPK fertilizer with Osmotic Balancer and Organic Parcel. It has a high % Potassium, the most important nutrient for fruit fill, for quality fruit and vegetable production.

    Nutricomplex Gold is an Amino based Osmotic Balancer to improve plant environmental stress resistance.

    Nutricomplex Gold is ideal for fertigation and also suitable for foliar application.

    Nutricomplex has Molybdenum to enable Nitrogen metabolism in Plants via nitrate reductase.

    100% Soluble 100% Quality 100% Sodium free 

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    Effect of Nutricomplex Gold 1-9-46 on crops:

    • Increases yield through larger and better quality fruits with less waste when harvesting
    • Osmotic Balancer acts in synergy with Potassium to maximise resistance to hydric stress
    • Potassium also helps plants to regulate water use especially in drought situations
    • Osmotic Balancer has a general anti-stress and tonic effect on the plant
    • Molybdenum prevents late season accumulation of excess nitrate in the leaf tissue


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