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    Tradebor is a concentrated liquid Boron solution (154 g /L) product

    Bio-availability is enhanced by an organic complexing agent Boron deficiency is the second most common micro nutrient deficiency in the world Boron deficiency causes poor growth of the growing tip and deformed leaves  

    Tradebor prevents common Boron deficiency disorders

    • Cracking and disfigurement of skin
    • Hollow or brown stems/roots
    • Poor flowering and fruit set
    Best applied as a foliar spray and also suitable for fertigation

    100% Soluble 100% Bio-available 100% Sodium free 100% Convenient

    • Main benefits:
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    • Crops & Trials

    Effect of Tradebor on Plants/Fruits

    • Increases the fertility of plants through increased pollen production and fruit set
    • Encourages transport of sugar and amino acids from leaves to fruit making them sweeter
    • Promotes more even size of fruit and makes skin, stems and roots more flexible, reduces cracking
    • Seeds deficient in Boron have poor germination capability – important for home saved seeds
    • Helps transport Potassium making the plant more drought resistant
    • Increases the efficiency of Calcium use by the plant

    Suitable product for Organic Agriculture according to EC Regulation No. 834/2007 and 889/2008, JAS and to NOP rules. Control ECOCERT SA F–32600.




    Apple Trials, Himachal Pradesh

    Potato Trials, Punjab

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