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tradecorp Cu

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tradecorp Cu

tradecorp Cu

Tradecorp  Cu  is  a  high  quality  Copper  EDTA  chelate  for  the  correction  and  prevention  of  Copper  deficiency. Copper EDTA is also suitable for the defoliation of crops.

100% Quality 100% Soluble 100% Convenient

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  • EDTA chelates are more effective than salts / complexes and act more rapidly
  • EDTA chelates allow for foliar and root penetration of the micronutrient
  • Crops prone to Copper deficiency include, brassica, carrots, cucumber, grains, tomato
  • European quality manufacturing ensures the highest chelation % possible
  • Compatible with most fertilisers and agrochemicals
  • Highly effective for defoliation of perennial crops such as pomegranate and grape


Suitable product for Organic Agriculture according to EC Regulation No. 834/2007 and 889/2008. Control ECOCERT SA F-32600.


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