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    trafos Cu

    » Product Ranges » Foliar fertilisers » trafos Cu
    trafos Cu

    trafos Cu

    Trafos Cu is a unique liquid Phosphorus and Potassium solution with added Copper EDTA

    EDTA chelates are the premier form of chelates

    Trafos Cu features a systemic Phosphorus formulation promotes healthy roots and encourages root expansion, as well as liquid Potassium and Copper ensures strong stem development

    Tradecorp formulation ensures rapid mobility of the nutrients inside the plant

    Trafos Cu is recommended after early leaf emergence until fruit set in all crops For grape, it is recommended post harvest, after vegetative pruning, during vegetative growth, pre-flowering

    100% Soluble 100% Bio-available 100% Hormone Free

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    Effect of Trafos Cu on Plants

      • The high bio-availability of Trafos Cu results in thicker, stronger and healthier stems
      • Healthier plants are better able to resist disease and climatic stress
      • Potassium helps crops convert Nitrogen fertiliser into protein more efficiently

    Effect of Trafos Cu on Roots

    • Phosphorus increases the size of the root system and also increases the number of fine white roots
    • Increased fine white roots leads to a greater absorption of nutrients like Nitrogen from the soil


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