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    turbo root

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    turbo root

    turbo root

    Turbo Root is a balanced mix of : - Humic Acids - Fulvic Acids - Free L-α Amino Acids
    • Turbo Root naturally stimulates the production of fine white roots and promotes early vegetative growth. Humic and Fulvic Acids (4:1) from American Leonardite Turbo Root increases soil health, fertility and structure.

    100% Soluble 100% Quality 100% Convenient

    • Main benefits:
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    Effect of Turbo Root on Roots / Shoots

    • Humic and Amino Acid mix increases the number, and weight, of fine white roots
    • More fine white roots improves nutrient and water uptake by crops
    • Humic Acid increases the absorption of nutrients especially Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc
    • Amino Acids as Free L-α Amino Acids, the only Amino Acid form directly usable by plants
    • Healthy roots increases the resistance of crops to stress from rapid growth and adverse climate

    Effect of Turbo Root on Soil / Potting Substrate”

    • Humic Acid improves the structure and aggregation of soil encouraging root growth
    • Humic Acid increases the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soil which increases nutrient holding capacity
    • Specific Amino Acids like Arginine increases fine root development and growth
    • Humic and Amino Acids increase the population of beneficial microbes in the soil, promoting healthy soil


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