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    » News » Corporate news » Tradecorp opens its first office in India

    Tradecorp opens its first office in India

    2021 will be a new year by all means. The constant success of Tradecorp in India over the past years has notoriously shown how the country’s tremendous potential and the need for the quality nutrition that we offer.

    The Tradecorp India team was founded in 2015, without a physical place and lots of effort over these 5 years, they have achieved a total integration in the country, bringing expert solutions and more than 35 years of experience to every corner.

    Mr Badola, Regional manager of India, stated: “As we started growing, I was joined by my colleagues Bonde, followed by Rajesh and Ravindra. Needless to say, that our stakeholders (importers) played a very positive role in development of business.

    Our strategy of dealing with regional importers, brand promotion and product performance contributed to good growth year on year”


    Where will Tradecorp be?

    The location chosen for the office will be at 713, 7th floor, City Avenue, Mumbai-Bangalore highway, near Sayaji hotel, Wakad, Pune 411057

    This location wasn’t chosen randomly, as Pune in Maharashtra is one of the main points for business in agriculture, in a mid-point for transportation along the country and an open door for great nutrition market due to the size and variety of crops that surround the area.

    This action will accelerate every process in the country, from product registration to a closer and more efficient customer service.


    Meet the team

     As Tradecorp keeps growing, the team does so, Mr Badola, with his 30 year in crop nutrition expertise started the way alone, but many kept joining bringing different and great values to the team.


    The India team with Global technical department


    As mentioned before, Bonde, India technical manager, with a background in bio-control quickly got used to the new environment, started travelling to every corner, bringing technical advice and solutions to every farmer and distributor.

    Followed Rajesh Kaushik, India business developer. Since Tradecorp’s fame kept organically growing, the team needed to integrate and take care of every client, giving a closer attention to the needs and looking for tailor-made solutions in relation with the global and local technical team.

    Last but not least, Ravindra, ensuring the best attention and local support in all matters, and the closest person to the day to day work and support.


      “Now let’s celebrate a new beginning in Tradecorp and a step further in the India crop nutritional market history”