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    Our history

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    2000-2016: Sapec Group

    In the year 2000, Tradecorp became a part of the Sapec group, a family company established in 1926 in the chemical and mining sector. Tradecorp’s incorporation into the group gave it an even broader perspective, given the combination of the group’s entrepreneurial spirit and our experience and know-how in the agricultural sector.

    The increase in investment that followed acquisition by the Sapec group marked a new stage in our development, as we reinforced our position in the market and we enjoyed a considerable expansion at an international level. This expansion brought with it a significant increase in sales, which grew by an average of 30% per annum.

    By the end of this stage, Tradecorp was integrated in Sapec Agro Business, the division in Sapec Group that comprised crop nutrition and crop protection. Four pillars constitute the basis of Sapec Agro Business’ corporate strategy:

    • International and highly qualified personnel
    • Priority of R&D, innovation and registrations
    • Distinct, high quality products and services
    • International expansion

    Service and proximity to the market are key elements of the company’s strategy. The Group is present around the world with affiliates, offices, plants and above all its experienced staff adapted to local markets.

    + More information on Sapec Agro Business


    Since 2017: Acquisition by Bridgepoint

    In 2017, the international private equity investor, Bridgepoint, acquired Sapec Agro Business with the following objectives:

    • Accelerating growth
    • Maximizing opportunities in new markets
    • Favoring new developments and agricultural solutions

    Sapec Agrobusiness continues today boosting innovation and service in crop nutrition and crop protection with the full backing of Bridgepoint.

    + More information on the acquisition